watering all the pots and vases

Watering is one of my worst jobs. I've been procrastinating with all my pots and vases until this morning when I've managed to catch up with the task. Most hyacinth vases don't need much topping up - the bulb seems to act as a plug preventing evaporation but the smaller bulbs (crocus and tulip) don't always fit so well and are prone to needing more regular topping up. With this many pots and vases it's a bit overwhelming!

bulbs in pots on Boxing Day

bulbs in pots and bulb bowls, above , hyacinths in bulb bowls, below

hyacinths in bulb bowls

small bulbs in vases

tulip and crocus bulbs in vases

first crocus in Tate and Lyle golden syrup and black treacle tins

first crocus in bloom in Tate and Lyle Golden Syrup and Black Treacle tins

These crocus are actually from potted crocus I bought. I would have more but I left them outside while repotting them and forgot about the squirrels. Of course they ate them all before I remembered to go and rescue them.

hyacinth bulblets

I've tended to put any bulblets I break off from my hyacinth bulbs into this pelargonium pot - only because it's handy! Until recently I never saw them grow or root or do anything but now I see a few of them are growing in earnest. Maybe I just left them long enough? or watered them enough? (I must admit I never watered this pot much off season). (The hyacinths are the smooth straight stems with the pelargonium further back on the right.) I will replant them into their own pots and see how long until they bloom, if indeed they ever do. I will also try to organise a better pot to put bulblets in in the future.

growing hyacinth bulblets

hyacinth cigarette card

I happened to notice this cigarette card on ebay. Not quite as good as finding a hyacinth bulb in a vase but in a pot is the next best thing.

Wills cigarette card hyacinth from Flower Culture in PotsWills cigarette care hyacinth Flower Culture in Pots

the scent of hyacinths

Delft blue hyacinths in vases and a pot

I love hyacinths in vases but there's nothing like a pot of hyacinths for a real oomph of scent. The other varieties just didn't do it like lots of Delft blue hyacinths with that intoxicating sickly sweet scent.

Delft blue hyacinths in pots

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