hyacinth bulblets

I've tended to put any bulblets I break off from my hyacinth bulbs into this pelargonium pot - only because it's handy! Until recently I never saw them grow or root or do anything but now I see a few of them are growing in earnest. Maybe I just left them long enough? or watered them enough? (I must admit I never watered this pot much off season). (The hyacinths are the smooth straight stems with the pelargonium further back on the right.) I will replant them into their own pots and see how long until they bloom, if indeed they ever do. I will also try to organise a better pot to put bulblets in in the future.

growing hyacinth bulblets

time to move from the garden withindoors to the garden withoutdoors

Inevitably at this time of year the focus shifts from the garden withindoors to the garden withoutdoors

At that site you can see what's happening in my garden, including my first frog. I am so excited to finally have one after over 10 years of trying to get them and being given frog spawn a number of times.

garden frog

Here's my indoor frog, a recent purchase I'm looking forward to planting small bulbs in in the autumn. The pot on the left is a mystery. It was described on ebay as a "bulb pot" but it's obviously missing a piece from the centre and possibly from the other holes. It looks quite a lot like a SylvaC pot I've also seen on ebay with animals in the holes and a small pot in the middle. Anyone have any ideas? (totally unmarked on the bottom).

pottery frog pot and mystery pot

While I'm doing show 'n tell with new purchases, here's a vase I bought for hyacinths, although it's not an "official" hyacinth vase, it's the perfect size to put a hyacinth bulb in.

blue vase

I do hate showing this poor looking bulb *but* it shows both how desperate this bulb is to grow: 1.it's struggling to bloom 2. it has a secondary stem coming up 3. it has a large bulblet developing and also how the blue vase is a fine size for a hyacinth bulb.

blue vase with hyacinth bulb

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