end of November 2016

While watching Modus (latest Nordic Noir) on BBC4 (26-11-2016) I spied these hyacinths in bloom in the office. It's supposed to be Christmas Day - just the time the hyacinths should be in bloom!

modus hyacinths

First hyacinths this forcing season ready to come out of the cellar, the bulge of the flower is out of the bulb. These are "prepared" hyacinth bulbs. I used a lot of unprepared bulbs (in addition to prepared ones) which are still in the cellar. Some are not looking very good. I will need to see how they develop. 

I checked some of the other hyacinth vases in the cellar and these are some that are not ready to come out - great root development but stems have not grown enough so these are going back into the dark in the cellar.

hyacinth vases with hyacinth bulbs

I have, of course, bought some more hyacinth vases. It's quite late to start the bulbs but the garden centre still had some prepared bulbs so thought I'd try them and just see how they do. I don't think I've ever started any so late. I remember past years the bulbs were sold out by October so couldn't start any so late, even if I wanted to. 

hyacinth vases with hyacinth bulbs

While checking the bulbs in the cellar I noticed the mice had gotten to the small tulips. They left the hyacinth bulbs alone but they love those Red Hunter species tulips and devoured them all! Traps will be set! - I hate rodents indoors, including my cellar. Luckily I haven't had any rats or mice for years. With 3 cats they steer clear although neighbours either side have them and the cats listen to the mice intently under the floorboards.