beginning of November 2016

that (unofficial) vase with my last hyacinth bulb from end of October below now has strong roots, after only 10 days, just shows any vase/bottle/etc that holds the bulb above water can be used to force a hyacinth

hyacinth bulb in glass vase

I find watering the pots in the cellar difficult and put it off, procrastinate, whatever you want to call it. I'm organised with some things but not with others. Putting a pot on this tray and watering it there to catch the overflow is useful. I need the torch to see the pots I have stored in boxes.

watering bulbs in cellar

That hyacinth on the left is well on the way to be ready to come out of the cellar. The pot in the middle has the roots coming vertically out of the pot - I don't know why! It happens to some hyacinth bulbs but not others.

bulbs in pots in the cellar