end of October 2016

I brought up from the cellar the muscari in vases that are so tall and have well-developed roots. I had 1 hyacinth bulb leftover from a pack of 3 I bought the other day for 2 new hyacinth vases but had no hyacinth vase in which to put it so just used a vase that was around which will at least hold the bulb above the water. (I didn't position the vases that well as it looks like the muscari is sprouting out of the hyacinth bulb but can't easily take another pic as the hyacinth bulb in the vase is now in the cellar.)

muscari bulbs in vases

Last year the muscari bloomed earlier outside than in so leaving this pot outside. Last year I brought the pots of muscari indoors when they bloomed. I'll do that with this one - interesting to see which will bloom earlier this year, the pots outside of the vases inside.

muscari in pot