third week of January

This Miss Saigon hyacinth flower is one of the best this year. Better to ignore its roots outside the bulb bowl and the other bulbs left behind while it grows taller and develops a beautiful flower.

Miss Saigon hyacinth flower forced

I discovered these muscari in bloom outside. I can't believe they are so early. The weather has been crazy.

muscari in golden syrup tin

as soon as I started taking pics Socks had to start chewing the leaves (he has since thrown up)

these are the last hyacinths in bud and bloom

forced hyacinths in bloom

I think I must have bought more Skyline hyacinth bulbs than I at first thought as more are growing and blooming and becoming identifiable. Some of the Skyline flowers have opened up a bit better than others, such as the one on the left in the Hornsea Cirrus bulb pot. I was so happy with those Christmassy golden syrup tins but the hyacinths weren't even in bloom for Christmas, maybe some won't even bloom until the end of January!

skyline hyacinth forced blooms in hyacinth vases

some Skyline flowers never did develop properly

spent Skyline hyacinths

I wanted to properly compare the hyacinth flower colours, left to right: Miss Saigon, Splendid Cornelia, Anne Marie

comparison of hyacinth colours

as of January 21st these are the remaining hyacinths in bud, I would take the 2 best bulbs out of the bulb pot but the roots (from all 4 bulbs) are so tangled they would be destroyed

forced hyacinths in bud

I'm just about ready to call it a day with the crocus bulbs, plenty of roots and stem but no flowers. I have crocus outdoors in bloom, indoors they are supposed to be earlier. Why do I still keep growing the amaryllis bulbs in vases?? They are spectacular but they fall over. That one in the middle broke the flower stem when it fell and the amaryllis in the  big red vase on the right also fell over. Although you can see the bulbs are massive in size and way too big for the vases.