first crocus in bloom and update on some of the hyacinths

Some hyacinths have the most intense colour when they wilt, for example, this Peter Stuyvesant hyacinth.

wilted Peter Stuyvesant hyacinth

These Peter Stuyvesant hyacinths have not performed very well this year. Still waiting to see how the one in the small clear vase on the bottom left blooms. The one on the bottom right (and above) never bloomed properly.

Peter Stuyvesant hyacinths

City of Haarlem hyacinths, below, are taking their time but may just turn into proper blooms.

City of Haarlem hyacinths

Some more nice examples.

small green hyacinth vase with Aiolos white hyacinthTye vase with Delft Blue hyacinth













My first crocus in bloom, below right.

opalescent vase with Delft Blue hyacinthfirst crocus in bloom