Pink Pearl and Purple Sensation hyacinths in bloom, other varieties almost in bloom

 Two days after Christmas, the Pink Pearl hyacinths have really filled out. I guess pink hyacinths are the earliest. My earliest blooms in past years were Ann Mary, also pink.

Pink Pearl hyacinths

Purple Sensation are also early.

Purple Sensation hyacinths

Even after all my obsessive record keeping I found I had a number of question marks for which variety was in which vase and have tried to sort them the best I could, below. I guess I was in a hurry to get the vases in the cellar after waiting so long for the bulbs in September.  And I was still buying vases and bulbs until the last minute so things got confused.

As of December 27:

Delft Blue

Delft Blue hyacinths

City of Haarlem

City of Haarlem

Sky Jacket

Sky Jacket hyacinths


Aiolos hyacinths

Blue Star

Blue Star hyacinths