using unprepared bulbs

When I checked on the unprepared bulbs I'd put in the fridge in the cellar, I saw they were all rooting even though it's only been 4 weeks and I was going to give them 6 weeks, so I thought I might as well start them. The 10 smaller bulbs are Lady Derby - very small this year - but good for the Burmese vase below. The 3 larger bulbs are Peter Stuyvesant.

unprepared hyacinth bulbs after 4 weeks in the fridge

I bought the blue and white lid (from a bulb bowl) on ebay. It turns any suitably-sized pot or vase into a bulb bowl.

hyacinth vases

I think the pic below, although a little dark, shows the roots on the Lady Derby bulbs better.

Lady Derby unprepared hyacinths after 4 weeks in the fridge