Wedgwood Hedgehog Nov 2021

Forcing bulbs can be challenging. This year I was delayed suffering from Covid (despite having both vaccinations) so finally planting up the hedgehog mid-November, later than I would have liked.

wedgwood hedgehog

I broke off the shoots coming out of the sides and bottom of the bulbs. They won't be able to grow in the hedgehog and they will take energy away from the main shoots.

crocus bulbs

Somehow I've managed to make two errors. A couple of the holes do not have bulbs in them - it was very difficult to get them positioned properly and I missed some. And only this morning (after planting it up yesterday), I realised I used some of the mixed crocus rather than just the Record variety which I intended. With different bulbs they will bloom at different times as they did last year so wanted to have the same but did not go according to plan! I will try to be more organised next year.

wedgwood hedgehog with crocus

Wedgwood hedgehog with crocus