2nd week in January

those buds look like magic beans

forced hyacinth buds

some of the hyacinths in bloom

forced hyacinths in bloom in hyacinth vases

some of the hyacinths in bloom downstairs

surprisingly some muscari in bloom! why those 2 (and another has buds)?, none of the ones in the vases have buds

forced muscari

Everything happens very quickly now. Suddenly I have a lot of hyacinths in full bloom. I still have over 20 vases in the cellar whose bulbs are not ready to come out. At this point I'm not sure they ever will be.

forced hyacinths in hyacinth vase

I love those fat buds

forced hyacinth buds

I love the purple colour of this hyacinth.

forced hyacinth

The small-ish openings on the x-shape vases are ideal for the smaller supermarket bulbs.

x-shape hyacinth vases with blooms

some other supermarket bulbs in the 2 vases to the right

forced hyacinths in bloom in vases

4 of these 5 Blue Eyes hyacinths are good, 1 of the bulbs was a failure

Blue Eyes forced hyacinths

The bulb bowl on the left has City of Bradford (Peter Nyssen) looking good and just coming into bloom. The bowl on the right has Caribbean Dream, one bulb I have removed as it's rotten (on the right shows the mould underneath), of the remaining bulbs, 1 is blooming, 1 has nice buds, 1 is doing very little. 

bulb bowls with forced hyacinths

Delft Blue in the bowl to the right

forced hyacinths in vases and bulb bowl

these supermarket hyacinth bulbs came in an assortment so can only identify the bulbs as white (bulbs are white as below in the middle) or pink/blue shades (purple bulbs below)

bulb bowl with hyacinths in bloom