end of December 2016

I'm worried whether the hyacinths upstairs in the living room are getting enough light. The room faces west and doesn't get any direct sun. A lot of them are pretty short, as they were last year, but I don't know if that's their position in the house or down to natural variations. The only way to know is to compare like for like bulbs. I will have to do it more scientifically next year (this year's questions are: opaque vs translucent vases and prepared vs unprepared bulbs).  Delft Blue hyacinth, below.

Delft Blue forced  hyacinth

this is a Silverstone hyacinth (in vase 65) just coming into bloom

forced hyacinth buds

also Silverstone right below

forced hyacinths upstairs in planter

close-up of that green vase (64) above right

forced hyacinth flower

forced hyacinths in wirework plant stand

close-up of the bottom shelf

forced hyacinths end of December

that green vase on the left above is Delft Blueforced Delft Blue hyacinth in hyacinth vase end of December

Down to the kitchen windowsill which faces east, this hyacinth in bloom I purchased as a "Skyline" from the bin of bulbs at the garden centre, certainly not the purple Skyline flowers I had last year

forced hyacinth in bloom

Delft Blue hyacinth, bit small but ok flower, that white hyacinth to the right, just starting to open is from Sainsbury's - you don't need expensive (or prepared) bulbs for forcing!

forced Delft Blue hyacinth end of December