mid-December 2016

A few days later (Dec 21st) and more vases and pots out of the dark. I am repurposing tobacco jars and a biscuit barrel. On the shortest day of the year it's nice to look forward to some flowers in a few days/weeks.

pots with forced hyacinth bulbs ready to come out of the dark

hyacinth vases

hyacinth vases

all the hyacinths out of the dark today, in vases, pots and bowls, hyacinths previously out of the dark in the background on the windowsill

hyacinth vases

More hyacinth vases out of the dark and into the light on Dec 16th. Some of the bulbs I'm not too sure if they are ready but if any are to be ready for Christmas I need to err on the side of assuming they are ready. The one in the front row in the green rose bowl is definitely ready. The bulge of the flower is out of the bulb. I wish they were all so definitive. The blue and white bulb bowl in the middle highlights the problem of joining more than 1 bulb together - they develop at different rates!

hyacinth vases with forced hyacinth bulbs

"Waldeck" amethyst hyacinth vase (below), the opening of which surprisingly is too small for this hyacinth bulb. If it was September and I had a range of bulbs, would not be a problem. I could just use a smaller bulb but I just have this 1 bulb left from a very late purchase and it won't fit - and it doesn't look an unusually large bulb. This vase will just have to wait until next year to have a hyacinth forced in it.

Waldeck hyacinth vase

Davidson bulb bowl, looking reasonably good with unprepared bulbs so I have high hopes they will work well. You can see the extensive roots inside.

Davidson hyacinth bulb bowl