beginning of December 2016

The next episode of Modus had another hyacinth vase.

hyacinth vase Modus

A week later and more vases out of the dark (9-12-2016).

forced hyacinth bulbs in hyacinth vases

That green vase, front row left above and below, I'm using for the first time this year having bought it recently on ebay. This view shows great roots on that Delft Blue hyacinth bulb.

hyacinth bulb in hyacinth vase

the next day and I took another lot of vases out of the dark, Victor in his usual spot

hyacinth vases with hyacinth bulbs out of the dark

Here are most of the hyacinths out of the cellar so far (11-12-2016) on the kitchen windowsill. I have more in the living room, see next pics below.

forced hyacinths in vases bowls and pots

I love wirework plant stands but most are too large (and too expensive) for my home but I was lucky enough to find this reasonably small one and have put some of my hyacinth vases on it. There is room on the bottom shelf as well but it's so close to the radiator I'm reluctant to use it but probably will when I've run out of room elsewhere.

hyacinth vases in wirework plant stand

I also found this plant stand which is small enough to also fit in the living room (but isn't nearly as elegant as the one above) on the plus side it has its original lead liner.

plant stand with hyacinth vases

This blue vase is a new one in the Ravenhead Naturals range which I was curious to try. I bought a few very late bulbs at the garden centre a couple weeks ago and had a couple left so started this one today (11-12-2016), ie filled with water and put in the dark in the cellar, even though it's very late in the season - maybe too late - I'm not sure, I'll see how and when it blooms.

blue Ravenhead Naturals hyacinth vase

More vases out of the dark yesterday (2-12-2016) after 11 to 12 weeks in the dark. That's Victor's spot, nice and warm by the radiator - not the best place for hyacinths but that's where my windowsill is.

hyacinth bulbs forced in hyacinth vases

Amber is not my favourite colour for hyacinth vases but this one is exquisite - handblown, high kick-up, snapped off pontil mark.

tall amber hyacinth vase