Start of the Forcing Year 2023

It's July and time to start thinking about forcing hyacinths for Christmas. I know it's early but it takes some planning.

glassroots hyacinth vase

one of my new vases I'm using this year for the first time

I ordered my bulbs yesterday. Looking back at my results from last year, I used 13 varieties. I'm keeping it simpler this year but buying more of a variety to get a proper range of results. I ordered:

Delft Blue, "the" hyacinth for forcing, generally reliable and good results

Blue Star, last year I had good results so buying more of these

Miss Saigon, I usually use these and get good results

City of Bradford, hasn't been available the last couple of years but seem to be now so ordered some, I really like them

Carnegie, haven't used these for years, not sure why but after indifferent results with Aiolos last year, I thought I'd go back to this for my white variety, I usually use one white hyacinth

Woodstock, didn't use this last year, can't remember why but trying it again, usually small as I recall but often great colour

cobalt blue hyacinth vase

another new vase I'm using this year for the first time

The bulbs won't be delivered until August / September so I have plenty of time to get my vases organised.