mid-January 2023

some of my best hyacinths this year

Downstairs, left to right Blue Star, not sure, Blue Star, Blue Star, Blue Eyes. Blue Star has certainly turned out to be a good variety, I don't know if I've used it before, I'll check. I do try to note on my spreadsheet which hyacinth variety I put in each vase but sometimes I miss some, which is the case with the improvised amethyst jug 2nd on the left. I had been waiting for small hyacinth bulbs to be available at Sainsbury's but they never were so had to quickly use the bulbs I had left and didn't note them properly.

forced hyacinths in hyacinth vases

and upstairs

Left to right, Caribbean Dream, Aqua, Caribbean Dream, Sky Jacket, Sky Jacket, Pink Surprise, Aiolos, Delft Blue.

forced hyacinths in hyacinth vases

the previous day, the buds weren't completely open on those Sky Jacket in the centre,on the mantel in my living room, there's a mirror behind, the smell is amazing when I come in

forced hyacinths in hyacinth vases in bloom

these are the remaining hyacinths in bud, a few in bloom

forced hyacinths in hyacinth vases

the next day, some are opening, left ro right, Gypsy Queen, Miss Saigon, Pink Surprise, not sure but either Jan Bos or Pink Surprise, Delft Blue

forced hyacinths in hyacinth vases

Sky Planet, a variety I've not used before, flowers noticeably smaller but still nice

sky planet forced hyacinths

closer view of the Aiolos and Blue Eyes

aiolos and blue eyes hyacinth buds

fat buds in one of the Broste Copenhagen vases

hyacinth bud in hyacinth vase

these 9 are the Gypsy Queen hyacinths (not the 3 vases at the back)

gypsy queen forced hyacinths in bud in hyacinth vases

this bulb bowl (the only one I'm using this year) has Aqua hyacinth bulbs, a variety I've not used before; most of the bulbs have a lot of roots and the bulbs become immovable but this bulb did not have many developed roots and the cat knocked it over

hyacinth bulb bowl

these are the last hyacinths out of the dark, that tall cranberry vase on the right is from glassroots (produced by Margaret Howdle) as is the small crocus vase to its right of the same colour and design

forced hyacinths in hyacinth vases

2 of those are not looking good so I checked the roots - they have none

nor did this bulb

even though it has buds emerging

in addition to the problem of some bulbs not developing roots, some flowers wilt before they open properly such as this Sky Jacket hyacinth

sky jacket hyacinth

another problem for which I do not understand the cause or have a solution is the hyacinth stem bending over at a right angle, I have a few every year

bent hyacinth stem

bent hyacinth