late December 2022

first crocus in bloom 28-12-2022

crocus in bloom in crocus vase

the day before buds are thick with whitefly as all the crocus are

whitefly on crocus

I've been trying to remove them but they come back

whitefly on crocus

couple days later, another crocus in bloom and colour showing in other buds

crocus in bloom in crocus vases

crocus in Wedgwood hedgehog just coming into bloom, sadly lots of whitefly

crocus in Wedgwoord hedgehog

Jan Bos on Christmas Day

jan bos Christmas Day

3 days later buds are opening

jan bos hyacinth

Jan Bos on Boxing Day

jan bos boxing day

Boxing Day hyacinths

boxing day hyacinths

boxing day hyacinths

Blue Eyes hyacinths just starting to open

Blue Eyes hyacinhts

I do try to keep track of which variety of hyacinth is in each vase but in my rush to start them in October, sometimes the spreadsheet doesn't get updated. The two hyacinths on the left with pinkish buds and colouring on the leaves look like the same variety but not sure what yet.


pink hyacinths, left to right, Jan Bos, not noted, Jan Bos, not noted, Pink Surprise, Jan Bos


left to right, Blue Eyes, Blue Eyes, Delft Blue (tall at the back), Delft Blue, Delft Blue, Delft Blue (tall at the back), Delft Blue, Delft Blue, Delft Blue

hyacinths in bloom

in reviewing the hyacinths this morning, I discovered that this bulb had fallen through the opening into the water so I needed to put it into another vase

when I lifted it out, saw just how extensive the roots are, I put the bulb in the blue vase shown to its left

Blue Eyes hyacinths with the moved bulb above in the blue vase in the centre