bulbs in bloom mid-December

I must take advantage of a bit of sun this past weekend. Here are most of my vases which are out of the cellar, mid-December.

hyacinth vases

I was worried that I'd taken some of the vases out of the cellar too soon but now they're looking a bit better, although the White Pearl flowers look a bit stunted.

hyacinth vases

hyacinth vases

With so many vases I can sometimes forget it's nice to just look at a single vase. I love the way this one has a cup shaped like a flower.

white hyacinth in amber vase

the downside of bulb bowls is the different growth rates of the bulbs, moving left to right below bowl 1 one bulb is in full bloom and another one half way there bowl 2 the two bulbs at the back are much taller than the 3 in front,  bowl 3 most of the bulbs are the same height bowl 4  each bulb is a different height

hyacinth bulb bowls

all my bulb pics look better with a cat in the background

Splendid Cornelia Hyacinths

splendid cornelia

White Pearl Hyacinths

white pearl hyacinths in forcing vases

Pink Pearl Hyacinths

Pink Pearl hyacinths in forcing vases

This is the first crocus in bloom, the first bulb of any kind in bloom, first week of December. Very exciting!

crocus in bloom mid-December