Bulb Forcing Gifts

The last time I tried paperwhites over pebbles I didn't have very good results but I wanted to try again with a different variety. I don't know if the bulbs should be in the water or not. Some are, some aren't so will see which ones root better. Some in bulb fibre in a pot are in the background on the windowsill.

paperwhites over pebbles

here are some Marks and Spencer bulb forcing gifts I received from my husband for my birthday this week

Marks and Spencer bulb forcing gifts

and below, after I have opened them and gotten them ready for forcing, the crocus bulbs are planted in the re-hydrated compost in the bowl, the muscari planted similarly in the jug and the hyacinth bulb is in the vase over water, those 3 into the cellar (for 8-12 weeks), the amaryllis came ready-planted in the silver plastic pot, only needed watering and can be left out now, for comparison, my 4 amaryllis vases at the back with recently purchased bulbs

Marks and Spencer bulb forching gifts prepared for forcing