more bulb forcing experimentation

I'm still getting bulbs ready for forcing. I'm experimenting with hyacinths in these tins. I've tried hyacinths in the smaller size tins with varying results so hoping the larger tins will work better.

hyacinths in golden syrup tins

The red tin below shows the size comparison with the larger tins. It's extremely rusty on the other side but I'm hoping it will get through at least one more forcing season.

hyacinths in golden syrup tins

I'm using assorted small crocus in these smaller golden syrup tins. The black plastic pot front left has the bulblets (shown below from 10-10-2014). Sadly one was eaten by slugs, still 3 left.

crocus in golden syrup tins

These muscari (grape hyacinths) look desperate to come out of the cellar. I don't understand exactly how they grow, ie why are they sprouting now?

muscari in cat pot

These muscari in the wooden trough are so developed and so green, they've always been outside. I've brought the anemic ones in the white pot and the golden syrup tins out of the cellar.

muscari in white pot and golden syrup tins

This crocus in the geese Shorter and Son flower trough has pushed itself up, completely out of the pot.

crocus in geese trough

I've managed to ease the roots back into the pot. It got a little dirty in the process.

crocus in geese Shorter trough

this is just about my last hyacinth bulb for this season, I'm scrounging around for containers

hyacinth bulb over pebbles