first tulips and late hyacinths

couple more tulips have bloomed today, the one on the left has mutliple buds - I've never had that on a tulip before

little beauty tulips

my first tulips (Little Beauty) in bloom

I bought some unprepared hyacinths (Woodstock, Marie and Ibis) and put them in the fridge for 6 weeks to prepare them myself so they were later  than everything else. One Woodstock is in bloom (below) and the remaining ones are in the pots pictured below that.

late hyacinths

These are some of the final hyacinths: Marie and Woodstock I prepared myself.

late hyacinths

This is the small crocus from the photo above.

small crocus

This is the Marie hyacinth from the amethyst vase above. No wonder it's so small, the roots are miniscule. I don't know why.

Marie hyacinth

I see the Marie bulbs are quite a dark colour (in the golden syrup tin), quite distinctive from the Woodstock.

These Woodstock are incredibly thin and the buds quite small. They are all like that so obviously naturally so.

Woodstock hyacinths

My City of Haarlem hyacinths, probably as much as they're going to bloom. Why do I try this variety over and over again? It never works, much as I hope. Why do the suppliers bother to prepare them? They never work!

City of Haarlem

The two tall hyacinths on the right are Sky Jacket. They are generally quite tall with thin flowers, compared to the Delft Blue on the left which is a fat full flower. Notice the secondary stem. That was a bulblet I hadn't noticed until it bloomed. To the left of that is a white Carnegie hyacinth. To the right is a Bristol green vase I bought quite late, too late to grow a hyacinth in this season.

Sky Jacket hyacinths