an embarrassment of riches

My hyacinths are looking spectacular. I notice that some of the Delft Blue hyacinths are darker than others, with a really intense purple colour. I guess they get lighter with age.

Aren't hyacinths naughty when a pair of vases has two such differently-sized flowers?

hyacinth vases

All of the hyacinths in my Tye vases finished early. As I was putting them away I noticed one felt much heavier so I decided to weigh them. They should, in theory, all weigh the same if they are being moulded with the same mould, but they don't. I guess different amounts of glass are put in. Left to right, they are 403g (amethyst), 453g (green), 397g, 477g, 370g (all 3 cobalt blue). They are all the vases that are impressed "Gt Charles St, Birmingham, GPTye" to the base, none with the date (4th November 1850?).

Tye hyacinth vases

hyacinth vases in January

above is my first crocus

Delft Blue and Sky Jacket hyacinths in cobalt blue vases

Delft Blue hyacinths in hyacinth vases