everything is changing so quickly

This hyacinth, on the left below, has straightened up just in the last few days (see earlier photo below). I think this page proves that Delft Blue is "the" hyacinth variety for forcing - or my favourite anyway! The only downside is it doesn't bloom for Christmas, it's 2 or 3 weeks later, but it gives reliable, excellent results.

biscuit barrel with hyacinth bulb

teal hyacinth vases













This hyacinth is still bent at a 90-degree angle.

Tye amethyst hyacinth vase

these bulb bowls and pots have been a great success this year

I think these are Delft Blue

SylvaC pot with hyacinth bulbs

bulb bowl with Delft Blue hyacinth bulbs

I incorrectly said I though these were Blue Star hyacinths but they can't be because I only bought 3 of those and put them in vases so these must be Delft Blue.

SylvaC pot with hyacinth bulbs

I think these are Delft Blue

Past Times hyacinth bulb bowl