crocus growing downwards

crocus growing downwards


I was surprised to notice today a stem of this crocus growing downwards. There's a famous hyacinth vase illustration that features a hyacinth bulb growing downwards but I'd never seen a bulb actually grow that way before.




Most of the tall hyacinth vases I have are hand-blown but I recently bought the two on the right below which are mould-blown, although they do have snapped off pontil marks. You can see  the difference in the bases, the mould-blown bases being flat and the edges quite straight.

mould blown hyacinth vases

mould-blown bases

I haven't had much luck with this small bulb grower. One of the vases fell and shattered which surprised me as it's plastic and the small tulips in the vases are dying although they have good root growth. I don't know what went wrong there.

small bulb grower