finally time to review my bulb forcing results

As these are two of my final hyacinths it's finally time to review my bulb forcing results. I have created some new pages with info about how each variety/supplier/bulb performed. I'm still working on them as there's so much to go through. I'm also formulating some questions to ask the bulb suppliers, eg: 1. why are there so many double-stemmed hyacinths this year? 2. why are the Jan Bos hyacinths so poor this year compared to other years? I'm sure I'll think of more questions.

Delft Blue hyacinthLInnocence hyacinth


Yet another double-stemmed hyacinth (right). It would be better if both stems were in bloom at the same time. I guess I should cut the wilted one off. This photo embarrassingly shows how I haven't watered this one as I should have. I may seem organised in some ways but keeping up with the watering I find difficult!