late hyacinth bulbs

large hyacinth bulbs

I'm still suprised by the size of the hyacinth bulb in the green vase (top right). It hardly fits in the vase. And the buds of that bulb and the one to the left are so fat and ripe and ready to burst out. I bought those bulbs quite late (for me) to go with those late purchased vases. I still think I got them  late August when there was still a good selection of bulbs in the garden centre.

The bulb in the amber vase (bottom right) has really caught up fast. I didn't start it until mid-December and it's out of the cellar before some of the bulbs I started in September.

Bulbs purchased a few weeks later have not performed so well. These never bloomed properly. They looked quite poor when I bought them so I knew I was taking a chance but I really wanted to try out these new vases - definitely not official bulb vases - but as I thought, they hold bulbs just fine. Next year I will use better bulbs in them.

rotting bulbs in 1950s flower transfer vases