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hyacinths end of January

City of Bradford, a bit variable, but when they flower well, wonderful blooms with fabulous scent rivalling Delft Blue. City of Bradford on the right, 1 Delft Blue on the left.

hyacinth vases

hyacinth vases

Blue Jacket hyacinths

hyacinths vintage vases

these were the hyacinths a couple weeks ago

hyacinths in hyacinth vases

last hyacinths out of the cellar, not sure they're all going to bloom but it's so late now, I decided it's time to bring them out

hyacinth vases

exquisite hyacinths

I'm so lucky to have some exquisite hyacinths on my mantelpiece

forced hyacinths in hyacinth vases

hyacinths and crocus

first crocus in bloom, the vase is tiny but room enough for the crocus' roots

forced crocus in vases

forced crocus in vase

hyacinths yesterday - they seem to be at their peak - glorious fat flowers and an exquisite scent - just what one expects from Delft Blue hyacinths

forced hyacinths in vases

Sadly this hyacinth is completely bent over, as some do every year, but I have no idea how to correct it or if it is preventable

bent hyacinth in vase

happy new year

dark January day with Delft Blue hyacinths in bloom with their intoxicating scent filling my living room

delft blue hyacinths in hyacinth vases

hyacinths in bloom and bud, few days after Christmas

hyacinths in bloom and bud, few days after Christmas

hyacinth vases

hyacinth vases

hyacinth vases

hyacinth vase

more amaryllis blooms

the La Paz amaryllis

la paz amaryllis

la amaryllis

forced hyacinths in vases

The Woodstock hyacinths did not do very well this year. They hardly grew out of the leaves. They do bloom early and they are a nice colour but I'm not sure they're worth it if there are not any reasonable flowers produced.

forced woodstock hyacinths

blooming hyacinths in vases and bowls - December 2020

blooming hyacinths a few days before Christmas

forced hyacinths for Christmas

forced hyacinths in vases for Christmas

forced hyacinths for Christmas

hyacinths in Davidson bulb bowl

forced hyacinths in vases

forced hyacinths in bulb bowl

forced hyacinths in bulb bowl

first hyacinths in bloom December 2020

The weather has been so warm this year, the hyacinths are very early. I usually worry if I'll have any hyacinths in bloom for Christmas because they haven't started blooming, instead this year I worry if they've bloomed too early.

Davidson bulb bowl hyacinths in bloom

the sky-high amaryllis on the right on the windowsill, some bulb bowls in bloom, the Wedgwood hedgehog with some fat crocus which will be in bloom soon

hyacinth amaryllis vases

closer view of the Wedgwood hedgehog with fat crocus shoots

Wedgwood hedgehog

hyacinth vases in bloom

hyacinths vases in bloom

some hyacinths early December

my new kitten Rocky with some hyacinth vases

cat hyacinth vases

better view of the vases and bulb bowls

hyacinth vases

hyacinth vases

Davidson hyacinth bulb bowl and hyacinth vases, some improvised

hyacinth bowl vases

latest hyacinths out of the cellar and a pot with some hyacinths in vases that turned out to be too small for the roots surrounded by crocus which i took out of vases to fill up the pot

hyacinth vases

it's usually my cat Victor who sits on the spreadsheet when I am trying to update it but this time, Rocky has decided to sit on the spreadsheet

hyacinth vases

hyacinth vases

the hyacinth stems are quite yellow when they first come out of the cellar but they green up after a few days in the daylight

hyacinths in vases

the next two hyacinths are quite advanced, I usually bring them out of the dark before they get to this point but I found a box of hyacinths behind another box that I hadn't noticed so a few of them should have come out sooner




sky high amaryllis

The amaryllis are growing like mad. I bought 4 bulbs but found that 2 of my vases I was planning to grow them in were not large enough so had to use pots. I only started the two in pots later so they are not tall and blooming like the the ones in vases which I started first.

amaryllis La Paz

the amaryllis have gotten so tall, difficult to take a photo

amaryllis la paz


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