About Me

Two years after my stroke I think I can finally talk about it - or at least acknowledge it. I want to keep busy enough to distract me from my stroke pain and, for me, there is something life-affirming and primal about growing something.

I love gardening, both indoors and out, especially forcing spring bulbs indoors to bloom in the winter in antique glass forcing vases. 

You can read my gardening blog here about gardening outdoors.

I love cats and have three, Polly Pocket, who I took in as a stray and Socks (pictured below), who I got from the RSPCA and Victor (below Socks) who decided to move in from a neighbour's.

and a doggie who likes to visit

You can contact me: julie at gardenwithindoors.org.uk. I do love hearing from readers but spammers love Drupal web sites so I've removed readers ability to create logins so please email instead.